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About IcyDreads

What is IcyDreads?

IcyDreads is a Norwegian small business offering handmade synthetic dreads of premium quality. Open for international orders since the beginning of 2014, IcyDreads is an up and coming kind of brand determined to add something new and interesting to the hair and fashion scene.

What do you offer?

IcyDreads offers handmade synthetic dreads of premium quality. This includes double ended and single ended dreads. We offer loose dreads for braid in installation, and mounted as dread falls. Custom orders is our top priority, stay tuned for webshop for direct purchase.

Do you have a storefront/salon?

IcyDreads does not have a physical store, but does all the business through the wide web. We focus on custom orders, and sometimes release selected collections via the webshop at Feral Weaver.

Collaboration and promotions

IcyDreads thrives with making new connections and collaborating with other professional creative people. If you think you may have something to offer IcyDreads as a designer/crafter/model/photographer etc., contact us at


Custom orders/purchase


Our prices are stated in Norwegian Krone. To find your value use a currency converter. The price does not include VAT which will apply within Norway (25%mva) and may apply when exported. Check your country’s import guidelines.

Bulk orders/Retail

IcyDreads does not usually offer bulk orders or retail deals. However exceptions may be made if it involves some kind of creative collaboration. For serious inquiries contact us at post@icydreads.com


All orders are shipped from Norway. IcyDreads with few exceptions send out orders as untracked parcels with a 2-14 delivery days worldwide. The packages are shipped by the Norwegian Postage service and will be handled by your country’s official postal service upon arrival.


Used products and custom orders are normally not returnable after delivery. If you for some reason are unhappy with your received product, do not hesitate to contact us at post@icydreads.com to resolve the issue in the best possible way.

Rush orders

Due to very large demand, we do not accept rush orders at this time.


The dreads may unravel after some use. Contact us for a fix-up.

Payment methods

We rely on Paypal for custom orders. Direct bank account transfer payment is accepted within Norway. We use Stripe for webshop purchases. Most credit cards are accepted through these services.

How to order

IcyDreads is under very high demand with long waiting lists

When the waiting list is open: Email us at orders@icydreads.com to get on the waiting list. You will receive confirmation on your placement in line, and note the date on this email. Please be patient. You will be contacted when it is beginning to be your turn and we will figure out what kind of style you are looking for and exact prices. You will be kept updated with pictures as your order is being processed. The payment is done through Paypal after the dreads are finished and ready to ship.

When the waiting list is closed: Please wait. Sign up for our newsletter to get direct notifications on the announcement on reopening date.

About synthetic dreads

What are synthetic dreads?

Synthetic dreads is a protective style type of hair extension. They can be worn in a variety of ways and produce virtually unlimited colour combinations and styles. They are reusable and do not damage your own hair.

What is the difference between natural dreadlocks and synthetic dreads?

Synthetic dreads is added to your own hair temporarily. They can be produced in styles and colors not possible with natural hair and is instantly good looking with a good install. IcyDreads does not offer human hair products.

What is SE & DE?

Unless otherwise stated, IcyDreads offers double ended dreads. Double ended dreads are installed from the middle and down, producing two dreads from one braid. Single ended dreads have a loop in one end producing one dread for one braid. For installation techniques see tutorials.

What are loose synthetic dreads?

Loose synthetic dreads are installed for weeks at a time. They are braided in individually and secured with elastic bands.

What are dread falls?

Dread falls is a hair piece meant for day to day use. A bunch of synthetic dreads mounted onto a thick elastic to be attached onto a pony tail or hair buns. See tutorials


Do I need a professional for installation?

You do not need a professional to install your synthetic dreads. It is advised to seek help from a friend, but it is entirely possible with a bit of patience and determination to do it yourself.

Short hair installation

Synthetic dreads can be installed in hair as short as 4-5cm. It is recommended with light weight thin dreads and extra elastics, see tutorials.

How many dreads do I need?

A full set contain 45 dreads which is meant to cover an entire head with a few dreads to spare. How many you need depends on the size of your head, amount of hair(some choose to keep the fringe loose, some have sidecuts etc) and the desired volume.

Long hair installation

It is generally recommended to install synthetic dreads longer than or the same length as your own hair. With extra long hair see tutorials.


Do synthetic dreads damage my hair?

Synthetic dreads are a protective style hair extension and will not damage your own hair.

For how long can I wear them?

Synthetic dreads are reusable and worn for up to 8-10 weeks at a time. Depending on your install you may remove/reinstall when the braids are loosening up.

How do I keep them clean?

Synthetic fibres do not collect dirt the same way your natural hair does. When showering you can avoid getting the dreads wet while washing the scalp gently with a mild shampoo, rinse thoroughly to avoid soap residues.

Allergies and reactions

Some may experience rash like reactions to the synthetic dreads. This could be from friction and/or tension from the tight braids, or a reaction to chemical residues from production. It is not an allergic reaction to the synthetic fibres themselves. Wash the dreads well and reinstall less tightly.

How to remove

Synthetic dreads can be removed at any time by simply removing the elastic bands and undoing the braids.

Hair loss

A normal head sheds naturally hundreds of strands of hair every day. After weeks of synthetic dreads installed there will be a build up of loose hair. Be patient and brush it out, if needed with a handsome amount of conditioner.

General care


Synthetic dreads cannot be dyed with hair color

How to wash

It is recommended to wash the dreads separately after each use. They may be washed in a delicates bag as laundry on a gentle low heat setting (do not tumble dry), or hand washed. Fill the sink with lukewarm water and your choice of soap (for example a mix of your favourite scent and dish detergent), swirl around and let sit for a bit, rinse well and repeat if needed. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.


After some use the dreads may start to lose their shape. IcyDreads offers free of charge fix up (shipping cost will apply).

Heat styling

Synthetic dreads should not be heat styled. Do not use a blowdryer except on very low heat. Otherwise this will damage the dreads.

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