25 orders accepted on Dec 2nd, waiting list will remain closed until all are processed. (Current estimate: summer 2017)

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See price chart below for approximate prices, here stated in Norwegian Krone (NOK). Use the currency converter to get your value. A full set comes with 45 dreads, but orders down to a minimum of 10 are accepted. Shipping cost is usually an added 200NOK( untracked), depending on weight. Tracked package is an additional 150NOK.

Note: Orders within Norway is added 25% MVA.

WAITING TIME: IcyDreads custom orders are in very high demand and the waiting list is currently closed for new additions. Reopening and product releases will be announced through our newsletter.

See description below for types and approximate prices. Chart is a guideline. Every order is taken individually with personal service.

Type and length

Price per dread(NOK)

Price full set of 45(NOK)

30-35cm simple/mixed



45-50cm simple/mixed



40cm transitional



60cm transitional



50-60cm triple trans



65-85cm triple trans



Curls and special effects are usually +300NOK per order. 

black simple dreads

Simple Dreads

Simple dreads are solid coloured and can come in different lengths. Colour combinations are virtually limitless, ranging from natural to crazy colours. Special effects: Glow in the dark, sparkly tinsel hair, color changing thermal hair, it can all be done! I'm always up for something extra special and unique.

Blue and green mixed IcyDreads

Mixed Dreads

Different colours can be blended together to give more depth for a smoother “natural” colour effect or streaks of interesting shades. It can be done more or less evenly to produce a vast variety of looks.

Transitional synthetic dreads royal golden red

Transitional Dreads

The synthetic dreads’ equivalent to loose hair’s dip dye. One colour transitions into another towards the tips for natural or bright results.

Mermaid seafoam IcyDreads

Triple Transitional

Triple coloured dreads are great for the ombré effect with gradient shades, but the possibilities for all kinds of combinations lie within your grasp.